Andy Guitar

Fulfilment customer- Andy Crowley from ‘Andy Guitar’

We look after and handle stock, receive orders and then pick, pack and despatch as per Andy’s instructions. Our trainees take part in every single part of the process.

Andy Guitar
Andy Guitar

Order received

Fulfilling the order

Stock control


Sealing for posting

Weighing the package ready to post

What does Andy think?
“I’ve been using Paperworks for the past two years to handle the fulfilment of my DVDs and books that are sold through my website.

I needed external fulfilment to be able to scale my business but didn’t want to send 100s of my products to a faceless warehouse where I wouldn’t know if they were being taken care of.

After a face to face meeting and seeing the Paperworks team and trainees in action, I was more than satisfied they were right for me. It is a privilege to be able to support the charity, but I can also say the work done by the trainees and the Paperworks team has surpassed my expectations and been second to none.

Each team member has been fantastic whenever I have needed something, however urgent, and my customers are happy that the items arrive on time. It’s been a win-win so far, and I look forward to continuing my partnership with them for years to come.”

What do our trainees think?
Our trainees also love doing this job- they voted this recently as one of their most favourite jobs!

Here are some of the things they said:

“I enjoy Andy guitars as it’s relaxing to pick”

“It’s a really interesting job to do, you learn all the bits of it”

“I like picking the orders, it makes me happy”

“I like finding, picking and packing the orders”

“I can pick these on my own!”

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