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How can we support your business?

By choosing Paperworks you are choosing a professional service knowing also that you are helping people with physical and mental disabilities to learn, practice exciting new work skills and to experience real work. We maybe a charity and a social enterprise but we pride ourselves on offering a professional service.

With our services we try to be the extra pair of hands that you need. We take delivery of your stock, allocate space within our workshop and warehouse, picking and packing orders to your specifications and sending it to your customers using your desired courier.


Would you like more time to be able to focus on your business?

Whilst we are looking after the fulfilment of your business you will have more time to concentrate on growing your business with the peace of mind that we are looking after the picking, packing and distribution side of your business.


Would you like to have your work fulfilled professionally, and efficiently?

Paperworks has been running for 25+ Years and our Leeds site has transformed over the years to become a busy warehouse working environment. We help to run and look after the fulfilment side of 10+ business ranging from occasional orders to daily orders over 100+.   


Would you also like to make a positive impact in your community to those most in need?

Paperworks aim and mission is to help individuals 18+ with physical and mental disabilities to learn and practice real work skills. Our dedicated staff make sure that all our trainees are supported to achieve their aims and learn new and practice exciting work skills.

Our current clients

We have a range of different clients that we work with at Paperworks. Click on a client and read about how we help and the different jobs trainees do.

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