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Outdoor Project


Paperworks have added East Leeds Cricket club to their list of clients. The new part of this growing partnership is for Paperworks to maintain and keep the cricket outfield and square to a playing standard during the summer cricket playing months (APR - SEP). Winter work will also be carried out sporadically and when conditions suit. Trainees will be able to learn and practice techniques used to maintain a cricket pitch by helping 2 qualified members of staff. They will use hand tools, mowers, garden vacuums, wheel barrows and machinery that will be adapted.

At Paperworks we understand the importance to keep adding strings to our bow so our trainees can continue to learn new skills, experience new challenges and to work within different environments.

Working with ELCC means that Paperworks can offer a safe learning environment for our trainees to experience outdoor working, learn new skills and put them into practice within a safe and supported environment.

Paperworks staff and trainees will designate time within the working week to maintain the cricket playing square and mow the outfield.

The works/tasks will include the following:

  • Rolling, maintain and treating of the square and outfield

  • Cutting and setting out of the pitches (the track) for the coming season and weekly wicket prep

  • Repairing of used cricket pitches (the track)

  • Cutting of the outfield

  • Week to Week tasks for trainees – Rolling, Cutting, Sweeping, Repairing areas of the outfield, brushing, Watering, Marking of the wickets, Report sheets to be sent to ELCC

  • End of Season Work – Spiking, Levelling and end of season work

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