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We are in Chiltern Mills Cross Gates

Here at Paperworks we are always trying to grow in many different ways, from trainee development to product development. Recently we partnered with a local shop Chiltern Mills, Cross Gates to sell our products which have been created on our laser cutter.

25 years ago, the Treymaine family founded Chilterns Mills with the idea of offering top quality goods at affordable prices so customers could have beautifully furnished homes that they love and enjoy every day without breaking the bank. They have a range of different home products from bedding to ornaments

Trainees have been involved from beginning to end in the development of our first set of products. The little bunny egg, was designed to hold Easter eggs which could be given to children or adults alike as a gift. Trainees worked alongside staff in designing and choosing the materials which would be used in creating this product.

After designs were chosen, prototypes were then created and shown to Chiltern Mills who selected the products they would like to sell. An order for 100 bunnies were placed and the process started. The laser cutter engraved and made the products and the trainees were then set the task of peeling the acrylic plastic. Once peeled, trainees wrapped and packed the products ready to be taken to Chiltern Mills.

The trainees were pleased to be able to take their products and see them on an actual shop shelf. Knowing that the products they were involved in creating is a huge confidence boost and the trainees have been extremely happy since they were told.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chiltern Mills for their support and confidence in our products to be placed in their store. Your assistance in our project for products has allowed our trainees to develop, learn and enhance their skills. We look forward to continuing working alongside you to create and produce new products that will be sold in store.

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