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What we achieve

As part of our training programme, trainees have regular person-centred reviews where they set their own goals based on our easy read outcomes; recent goals range from developing confidence in stock taking to improving teamwork skills. Trainees are supported to enable them to complete their goals, either in the workshop or with additional training activities, and encouraged to share their success with others. Both production and training staff support trainees to complete their goals; this is a key element in our offer as trainees are developing their skills working alongside highly experienced production staff.

Our trainees complete tasks for a variety of different clients. Our certificate programme tracks our trainees skills and progress with the different jobs for clients. Each trainee is able to choose which client they would like to learn and enhance their skills on. 


We are currently expanding our formal training offer to include employment and wellbeing courses. Some are being run by external agencies; for instance we have recently had a course about employment skills in media. Others are being run by the training manager, based around topics trainees have indicated they wish to learn more about. Early courses are based around literacy, handling money and looking after pets, so our trainees can feel more confident and independent.

Trainee Achievements

View our trainees achievements inside of work and out. Click on their image and read more.


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